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Optima Language Self Access Center

To do the activity in the SAC, all you need is come to the SAC and

1.    Register at the front desk (SAC attendant)

2.    Get the SAC Card (and Book)

3.    Choose an activity and ask for the material to the attendant

4.    Do the self-study

5.    Record activity of the SAC Card (and Book)

6.    Report to the attendant when finished


The SAC is open and attended everyday at 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00. Do come and make improvement.


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These are the tips for you to do a self-study:

-      know your need

-      know your ability or language proficiency level

-      have objectives/target

-      plan your actions to achieve your goal

-      be responsible with your time

-      be strict to your plans

Category: Services
  1. Grammar practice
  2. Developing reading skills (provided books, magazines, and newspaper, as well as links to reading resources)
  3. Practicing pronunciation
  4. Developing listening skills
Category: Services

Learners might find that the structured program they have in the class is not adequate for them; thus, self-study is a smart way of getting support to develop language competence. Other learners might see self-study as an alternative learning strategy when studying solitarily is suitable for them.

For English language learners who do not go to any class (in this case YARSI University lecturers and YARSI students who is not joining any program), self-study in the SAC is a perfect choice.


Category: Services

OPTIMA Language Self Access Center (OL SAC) is a free facility for OPTIMA Language students and provides the following services:

–   Independent Learning support (study materials)

–   Resources for online materials

–   Councelling on how to start a self-study program

To increase the exposure of English among YARSI University students and lecturers through providing resources for language practice is one of the objectives of the establishment of the center. Besides that, the Self Access Center provides guidance and advice so that students can create their own individualized study.



Category: Services

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